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From Joshua Slive <>
Subject Re: About patches...
Date Mon, 26 Aug 2002 13:24:06 GMT
Солдатенко Илья wrote:
> Hi, it's me again...
> I've read that I should send any translated documents to this mailing 
> list with the help of patches. But how can I create a patch if I have 
> nothing to patch? I mean that I have to create absolutely new files with 
> extensions .ru.cp-1251 .ru.cp866 .ru.koi8-r?
> And by the way it means that I must provide three patches for each 
> encoding scheme, doesn't it?

New files do not need to be submitted as patches.  You can send the 
whole file.

But is it really necessary to provide three versions of everything?  I 
don't know anything about Russian webpages, but isn't there some kind of 

> P.S. to Joshua Slive: Sure there is the "Russian Apache project" but its 
> main distinction is that it has new module - mod_charset that supports 
> Russian and Ukrainian languages - but they didn't translate the official 
> Apache documentation, they only made their own tutorials of Apache 
> configuration.

OK.  Thanks for the info.


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