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From Joshua Slive <>
Subject Re: [!FIX!] docs build system brokenpath
Date Sat, 24 Aug 2002 16:35:18 GMT
David Shane Holden wrote:
> Here's an alternate solution to the relativepath issue.  Instead of using a
> global variable in common.xsl, the relativepath variable is defined in each
> of the main pages, eg. manualpage, modulesynopsis, etc. and it is then
> passed down through each of the sub templates.  Using this method over the
> one submitted yesterday allows us to created deeper nested directories in
> the manual directory, instead of being limited to just two (the root
> directory, and one below it).  It also allows us to keep the single style
> task in build.xml.

This does make the build.xml simpler, but at the expense of comlicating 
common.xsl.  I really like the fact that I can just use $path anywhere I 
want.  Yes, we will probably need to add more "levels" to build.xml 
eventually, but I still think I prefer a compicated build.xml to a 
complicated common.xsl.


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