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From Erik Abele <>
Subject Re: New draft of manual style
Date Sat, 24 Aug 2002 13:26:13 GMT
Patrik Grip-Jansson wrote:
> On Saturday 24 August 2002 05.15, Joshua Slive wrote:
> As for the new look, I'm a big -1 to it! The "wacky" design that Joshua did 
> was so much better. It looked much more modern. This new look is plain ugly 
> (not very constructive criticism, I know.) I'll take some time to criticize 
> it in detail later on today... :-)
> I've only had time to look through the index.html page so far. Here are some 
> problems I see with it...

Hi Patrik !
The index-page isn't styled so far. Only the XMLized docs are styled 
with the new layout. Please take some time and browse trough the other 
pages to get an impression of the new design (note: not all pages 
inherit the new design, e.g. sitemap!).

> That's what I found after a quick perusal, I'll try to spend some more time on 
> this later on...

Me too :-(


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