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From David Shane Holden <>
Subject Apache HTML Help Manual
Date Fri, 23 Aug 2002 07:43:36 GMT
Herein is a method to create an HTML Help file of the Apache manual
on Windows.

   * Microsoft HTML Help SDK which can be downloaded from
   * optional.jar from ant 1.5 ... the one in build/libs doesn't support the
     regexp mapper.

* Create directory manual/htmlhelp and place into it:
   * manual.en.hhp  (Microsoft HTML Help Project File)
   * manual-hhc.xml (Simplified TOC in XML format)
   * manual-hhc.xsl (Transforms the TOC into HTML for hhc.exe)

* Patch build/build.xml

* run 'build en-htmlhelp'

* The output file is manual/htmlhelp/manual.en.chm

What's going on behind the scenes:

* Copy all manual/**/*.html, .html.en, and image files to
manual/htmlhelp/manual/ and rename the extensions to .html because the links
need to be valid and files with .en on the end won't work.

* Transform manual-hhc.xml to manual.en.hhc which is the contents file.
(I had to work around a few bugs in the help compiler, no surprise there,
so manual-hhc.xsl might look kinda funky).

* Call hhc.exe manual.en.hhp which must be in the PATH variable.  It will
spit out a few warnings because it's just stupid, but the resulting html
help file appears to be fine.

* Delete manual/htmlhelp/manual/


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