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From Erik Abele <>
Subject [PATCH] Named entities
Date Wed, 21 Aug 2002 22:20:04 GMT
Hi all !

Attached a patch to use the extended entity-sets in the (translated) 
xml-docs. With this it will be possible to use &nbsp;, &auml;, and so on 
without first defining them in the dtd.

Some comments:

- build/build.xml: new xmlcatalog-type to define the local copies of the
   the official entity-sets; this prevents us from fetching them from 
the net
   on every single build-process. Added references to this catalog in every
   build-relevant task (validate, transform).

- style/common.dtd: added entity-definitions for the public entity-sets.

- added some newly usable entities to demonstrate the
   the functionality.

For the correct local validation-/transformation-process you will need 
to get the following files and put them into the style-directory:

The whole build and validation process works fine, just test and report 

 > My only concern here is that we want to continue being able to use
 > MSIE/Mozilla to transform the docs.  If we do this, aren't we going to
 > be requiring the use of Ant?

Unfortunately Mozilla (0.9 to 1.1b Mac/Linux/PC, same codebase) doesn't 
parse the new entity-references and therefore responds with an error, 
when viewing a document which includes a corresponding entity :-(

In MSIE 6.0 also everything is working fine. Well, this seems to be a 
bug in Mozilla.

IMO it would be great to use this, because it would help to contribute 
more easily. But the fact that Mozilla is unable to use this methods 
correctly, makes me a bit unhappy. Personally I don't use Mozilla very 
much for 'live' transforming, but I guess some of you love it :-)

Since I'm a bit unfamiliar with the current browser behaviours regarding 
to XML, I would appreciate some opinions on this topic.

up to now I'm more or less +-0 tending to +1 :-) but perhaps someone can 
bring in some new aspects on this.


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