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From Joshua Slive <>
Subject Re: wacky docs look - take two
Date Sat, 10 Aug 2002 19:34:57 GMT
Patrik Grip-Jansson wrote:

> I don't find it too flashy. The one thing I would change, is to put the "menu 
> box" on the right on the left side instead. I think that would work better 
> for people people who haven't got that high resolution. Then they won't have 
> to scroll to see the main information.

Interesting idea.  I'm not sure if the tigris stylesheet will let me do 
this, but I can give it a try.  Although, I will repeat again, there 
should be no need to scroll horizontally once we eliminate the big <pre> 
blocks.  Things seem to work fine for me down to about 200 pixels wide 
on this page: where 
there are no <pre> blocks.

> My biggest gripe is that the boxes for examples/warnings/etc always ought to 
> be the same width (preferably they should use the same width as the 
> "ordinary" text.)

I have this fixed in my local version, where I've replaced the 
blockquote/table thing with a <div class="example"> and some css.  I'm 
still setting it off from the main text a little (magin: 2em, padding: 
1em) because I think it makes it clearer that these are supposed to 
break the main flow of text.

> I think the header part could be smaller on sub pages. Why waste valuable 
> screen space on something that you know anyhow :-)

That's possible.  At the moment, it is constrained by the size of the 
feather graphic.  We would need a smaller one if we want the header to 

> The "Maintained by..." footer should be aligned with the main information text 
> box. If one doesn't move the menu box, then the maintain message ought to be 
> right aligned.

I like it to be set-off from the main text, but right-aligned should work.

Thanks for the feedback.


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