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From "Irmund Thum" <>
Subject Re: New style/de.xml -override, overwrite
Date Thu, 01 Aug 2002 20:23:11 GMT
Astrid Ke├čler wrote:
>>Ueberschreiben -
>>die Anweisung Override in Verbindung mit bestimmten Unter-Anweisungen
>>ueberschreibt vorher (in hoeheren Stockwerken) gesetzte Anweisungen auf
>>lokaler Basis...
> AllowOverride does not overwrite something. This diretive allows
> defining additional rules which may overwrite previously defined
> directives. Sorry, I think "ueberschreiben" will be a little bit to
> free.
> Still my personal favourite is "referenziert" which has three
> votings. I'll choose this at the moment to get a working version of
> de.xml :-)
> Kess
well -

a good picture may tell more than thousand words - is an old speech. So 
I'll try that way:
The Boss is sitting under the roof in a big building.
The written directives go down into all subdirectories of the magnifient 
building and must be followed by all employees in all subdivisons.
This "boss-circulating-paper" (httpd.conf)
allows some subdivisons to override - all, specific - rules for their 
special local purposes (AllowOverride does not overwrite something?),
use httpd -L to compare

<LocationMatch (http_core.c)
         Container for directives affecting resources accessed through 
the specified URL paths
         Allowed in *.conf only outside <Directory>, <Files> or <Location>
Options (http_core.c)
         Set a number of attributes for a given directory
         Allowed in *.conf anywhere and in .htaccess
         when AllowOverride includes Options

So - the circulating boss-paper (httpd.conf)
Subdivison var/www/html/peanuts
is allowed to override some directives.
Which Directives?
This is declared by the boss paper (httpd.conf) with the Location Directive.
And some time ago the bosses were walking through the building and 
hammered some nails onto some floors:
you may use .htaccess-files.
that allows Override ("Ueberschreiben") as well. That's not to free 
(translated) for the sub-boss to have the permission to do something 
special in their home area (subdirectory) with some new Options! ...

if anybody is able to paint the picture more beautiful - would be nice :-


_ ___
|  |  Irmund     Thum
|  |  +49 6374 992541

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