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From Hiroaki KAWAI <>
Subject Japanese internationalized error messages; charset in typemapfiles
Date Sun, 18 Aug 2002 16:43:49 GMT
While I was working on the Japanese error docs, I found a part of the bug 
report was not true. I however, noticed another issues on localizing.

I could not demonstrate the error of $HTTP_REFERER reported in
Bugzilla #11521. I contacted the original reporter, and confirmed
the $HTTP_REFERER seems OK.

So, we proceeded with the localization using type-map file (.var file)
and 'URI:' option.
But the file, include/top.html is not an internationalized one.
The document specifies the language and encoding. If the 'include' 
directory was intended to be common for all of the languages, those 
language-specific parts should be moved to each error docs which are 
calling the top.html. But it is not neccessary if we make the
Japanese docs won't touch the files, and the docs of the other language 
still works well.

# The SSI in the bottom.html does not work with the client IE6.
# After including contact.html.ja.jis, the process stops and the rest
# of bottom.html won't be send to the client.(Apache 2.0.40/Win2K and 
# IE6/Win2K) It would be a bug of IE6 since the other client (irvine1.0, a 
# downloader) could get the valid document. Or, my machine is broken. :-<
# But I'm not going to point this further now.

My suggestion is:
1. We don't have to go with this complex including process for the part of 
Japanese error docs. Remove all include elements (prepare preloaded files). 
2. We prepare include/*.var and include/*.ja.jis; use negotiation.
3. For Japanese error docs, we prepare include/*.ja.jis files; 
use no negotiation. Or, 
4. Simply giving up localization. :-<
There might be still some additional options.

Any suggestions?

Hiroaki Kawai
Department of Complexity Science and Engineering,
 The University of Tokyo

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