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Subject cvs commit: httpd-docs-1.3/htdocs/manual/vhosts name-based.html.en
Date Fri, 16 Aug 2002 18:26:05 GMT
slive       2002/08/16 11:26:05

  Modified:    htdocs/manual/vhosts name-based.html.en
  Backport from 2.0:
    Make it even more clear that EVERY host must have a
    <virtualhost> section with name-virtual-hosts.
    This is already clearly documented a few paragraphs below, but
    judging by questions on the newsgroup/mailing list, people
    don't read past the example.
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.21      +11 -4     httpd-docs-1.3/htdocs/manual/vhosts/name-based.html.en
  Index: name-based.html.en
  RCS file: /home/cvs/httpd-docs-1.3/htdocs/manual/vhosts/name-based.html.en,v
  retrieving revision 1.20
  retrieving revision 1.21
  diff -u -d -b -u -r1.20 -r1.21
  --- name-based.html.en	18 Jul 2002 16:04:05 -0000	1.20
  +++ name-based.html.en	16 Aug 2002 18:26:05 -0000	1.21
  @@ -106,11 +106,18 @@
   href="../mod/core.html#documentroot">DocumentRoot</a> directive to
   show where in the filesystem the content for that host lives.</p>
  -<p>For example, suppose that both <samp>www.domain.tld</samp> and
  -<samp>www.otherdomain.tld</samp> point at an IP address
  -that the server is listening to.  Then you simply add the following
  -to <code>httpd.conf</code>:</p>
  +<p>If you are adding virtual hosts to an existing web server, you
  +must also create a &lt;VirtualHost&gt; block for the existing host.
  +The <code>ServerName</code> and <code>DocumentRoot</code> included
  +this virtual host should be the same as the global
  +<code>ServerName</code> and <code>DocumentRoot</code>.  List this
  +virtual host first in the configuration file so that it will act as
  +the default host.</p>
  +<p>For example, suppose that you are serving the domain
  +<samp>www.domain.tld</samp> and you wish to add the virtual host
  +<samp>www.otherdomain.tld</samp>, which points at the same IP address.
  +Then you simply add the following to <code>httpd.conf</code>:</p>
       NameVirtualHost *

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