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From Astrid Keßler <>
Subject Re: wacky docs look - André
Date Wed, 14 Aug 2002 22:55:16 GMT
> As the others said before, it's brighter and clearer and therefore appears
> to be more 'friendly' than the darker one. Also the problems with the dark
> background and the featherquill become superfluous.

I can't say very much to this layout suggestion. André (and Gernot) and
me discussed this layout before. :-) And I like it.

I would only suggest a change of the visited links color.

>> * One section (including subsections) is the part, that generally should
>> be overviewed by the reader. For this purpose the border in entw2_3 was
>> added. Probably it's a bit oversized.

> I like the border very much, but I could imagine that the pages will get a
> little bit crowded if they are more complex. Hmmm, lets wait to see a
> HTML-page.

-1 for the border.

> IMO another important point of your layout is the fact, that it limits the
> length of the lines. I hate it when lines are getting wrapped at the browser
> border and not at a readable length. BTW it should also be possible to wrap
> the lines at a shorter length to avoid scrollbars. But this shouldn't be a
> problem.

No, I don't like such pages (with much text) telling me, how much space
I have to use. I'm changing the browser width rather than having a fixed
width and unused space. But to assist both different reading practices
we could support two style sheets, one default and one alternative.
Browser like Mozilla allow switching between different variants....

> Well, all in all great work, André & Gernot !

I agree.


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