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From André Malo>
Subject Re: New draft of manual style
Date Mon, 26 Aug 2002 15:02:41 GMT
[ml manager doesn't want a big mail, so look at the next mail, too...]

* Joshua Slive wrote:

> Contains a new draft of the proposed new manual style.  This one is
> fully generated using xslt, so all the xml files should be converted.
> I'm a little uncomfortable with the complexity of the css, but I'll live
> with it as long as the docs still work fine with all css turned off.

ok. at first: I merged the css files and excluded NN4 completely.
(manual-nonn.css). It's not really shorter but probably a little bit

here's the long rest ;-):

with the help of google I took a crash course in XSLT and tried to
complete your work.

I modified the common.xsl and the manual.en.xsl to work with all current
(en-) xml documents correctly and produce valid xhtml (strict).
As a result of this I patched several things in the xmls which were not
correct (see xml-current.en.patch).

CSS/HTML issues, modified by me:

* reverted the link colors to the proposed :)
  the green and the red, weren't a good choice, imho.
  there was too less contrast between them.
  (e.g. I have problems with red & green, like about 20% of men)

* but, you're right, I removed the underlines of code and module links
  for better reading

* (re?)added proposed semantics (<th> instead of <td>, <ul> in module
  list etc.)

* renamed #header to #page-header, because #header clashes with the
  Header directive... ;-)

* a lot of small issues, thus the xsl produces proper HTML
  (e.g. "<example><table>...", used in howto/htaccess.xml)

* added doctype and xhtml namespace to xsl:output (manual.en.xsl)

Probably we also need some modifications to the DTDs:

- a var element
- a dfn element
- a blockquote element (?) (mod_rewrite.xml)
- proposal: a figure element, which works as below:
  <img src= width= height= alt="" />
  (mod_rewrite.xml uses figures, for example)
- I believe I forgot something ;-)

The changes are a suggestion, if you don't like them, please speak

die (eval q-qq:Just Another Perl Hacker

# André Malo, <> #

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