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From Astrid Keßler <>
Subject Re[2]: New draft of manual style
Date Mon, 26 Aug 2002 14:31:04 GMT
>> It's a bit different from André's
>> suggestion and sometimes ... unbalanced.

> Can you be more specific.  I'm not sure what you mean.

sorry, for my late answer. Now after a closer look, I have to excuse.
The unbalanced feeling came from the german pages. They still have the
old header image, which looks strange with the new layout.

But I want to suggest some other small points:

- The generated documents schould have a doctype. I would prefer XHTML.
  And if no one else does I'm willing to do the neccessary changes.

- Some line break in the generated output would make the code much
  easier to read. This is only interesting for us during generation

- I agree with Patrik to use <th> for table header cells.

- The table columns (e.g. in under overview for the
  impatient, or at the module pages) should have a little bit more
  horizontal distance.

>> I miss the additional styles,

> You mean the alternate style-sheets?  Those can certainly be put back,
> but I'm not sure I understand the point of them.  Ordinary users will
> never find them, I'm sure.

This is a doom loop. If nobody sets such links, no one will use them. If
no one use them, nobody sets them. I think, we should set them, because
it is just a small sentence.

And personally: I will use them. I do not like the fixed width of nds
stylesheet. The alternate styles were created based on an discussion
between him an me. They are a possibility to support views for every

>> the harmonized link colors

> All the link colors look the same to me, except for directives and
> modules which are deliberately different.  I changed everything to turn
> red on hover, and I removed the underlining on modules and directives,
> because I think it makes paragraphs with many references difficult to read.

I don't like the big red hover color. It is to eye-catching for me. I
often move the mouse over the document, while reading. The red color
distracts me. The missing difference between module link colors and
directive link colors is a pity. But other links shouldn't be red, whil
using the red hoover color.
I would prefer the colors suggested from nd, bu I can live with yours
too, espacially, if we use alternate styles ;-)


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