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From Benjamin Burke <>
Subject Thanks
Date Tue, 27 Aug 2002 12:40:05 GMT
Apache Documentation Project-

This morning I logged in to my web server and found that my log files
now contained domain names where the ip addresses normally are. I was a
little surprised to see that because I know that each of my vhost
declarations happen to have "HostnameLookups off" explicitly stated.

I took a quick look at the docs for the HostnameLookups directive, which
in paragraph 2 say "Regardless of the setting, when mod_access is used
for controlling access by hostname, a double reverse lookup will be
performed." From that bit of info I was able to find an access file on
the server which was missing an "env=" in a "deny from" statement.
Problem solved in three minutes. It made me realize how much I take the
documentation project for granted.

I've been using apache for about six years now I guess. One of the best
things about this project is that the docs are at least if not more
consistent than the software. Nobody *needed* to copy that little tip
into the core docs, it could have been hidden away somewhere in the mod
access docs or even in some cvs commit message. Someone took the time to
do the job right, so I thought I'd use the time I saved to say thanks
and to join the docs list.

Ben Burke

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