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From André Malo>
Subject Re: New style/de.xml
Date Wed, 31 Jul 2002 00:26:54 GMT
* Michael Schröpl wrote:

[Override <-> Freigabe]

> So "Freigabe" isn't a bad idea in this case, but
> it doesn't point into the direction of the
> "AllowOverride" directive, which the English
> version surely does.
> Maybe this is one of the words one should rather
> not translate, like "server".

hmm, what about putting "AllowOverride" into the left column
and the particular value (AuthConfig etc.) into the right one?

In this case we avoid problems with translation, because there's nothing
to translate... ;-) 

Generally: What about doin' this in the original version, too?

>> <!-- Used in manualpage -->
>> <message name="relatedmodules">Verwendete Module</message>
>> <message name="relateddirectives">Verwendete Direktiven</message>
> I would translate "related" as "verwandt", not as
> "verwendet" (which would be "used" in English).

"verwandt" implies more the relationship between father and son (or so).
I think a word by word translation is not applicable here. "related"
means "verwandt" in a much wider context. 

"verwendet" is better IMHO, because the directives and modules are
actually used if they are listed there. And the reader may get a better
understandig, what the tables try to display... 

>> <message name="default">Voreinstellung</message>
> This would work, althought I would suggest
> "Standardwert" as a possible alternative.

Standard? No.
There's no standard for configuration out there. The term
"Voreinstellung" means the value as distributed, and that's what it is. 

> And I am +1 for "Zusammenfassung" as translation
> for "Summary".

Yes. Looks like an oversight ;-)

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