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From Joshua Slive <>
Subject Re: manual/style/build.xml
Date Sun, 28 Jul 2002 03:37:24 GMT

On Sat, 27 Jul 2002, David Shane Holden wrote:

> Here's basically a new build file for the docs.  I had to change a few
> things to get it to work on win2k with the latest version of ant and
> xalan-j, and before I knew it I had changed the entire file.
> The two problems I had right off the bat where:
> * ant error saying mapper task wasn't allowed within style task.
> * ant error about the character encoding.
> My solutions where:
> * remove mapper completely.
>      It wouldnt work with it period.
> * separate the english and japanese builds into separate targets.
>      At least this way I could build just the english files.

Ahhh... Looks very cool.

The mapper target is a custom mod to Ant by Yoshiki, so in order to build
the docs you need to use our custom version of Ant available from
Yoshiki, if you're reading this, could you ping the Ant people again about
getting that change into their code.

This is necessary because Ant's notion of an "extension" doesn't map very
well with ours.  I believe that with the buildfile you created, something
like file.xml.ja.jis will get transformed into file.xml.ja.html.ja.jis or
something like that.  Obviously, that's no good.

I'm also not sure why you are getting an error with the Japanese.  I get a
warning from Xalan, but it works fine anyway.  Could you try with our jar
files and see if you can get things to work.


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