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From Joshua Slive <>
Subject cvs commit: httpd-2.0/docs/manual glossary.html index.html.en sitemap.html.en (fwd)
Date Sun, 21 Jul 2002 18:34:12 GMT

Just want to mention for those of you who don't monitor the cvs mailing
list (and, by the way, you should be monitoring the cvs mailing list if
you want to keep up with what is going on) that corrections and additions
for the glossary are very welcome.  I'm sure there is still lots of work
to do on this.


---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: 21 Jul 2002 18:28:54 -0000
Subject: cvs commit: httpd-2.0/docs/manual glossary.html index.html.en

slive       2002/07/21 11:28:54

  Modified:    docs/manual index.html.en sitemap.html.en
  Added:       docs/manual glossary.html
  Add a glossary for the apache docs.  This is NOT based on the Covalent glossary
  because we couldn't work out the copyright issues.  Instead, it is based on
  Ralf's work on the SSL glossary plus my own additions.

  More entries are very welcome.  I tried to make this an "index" of the docs as
  well as a glossary -- I included links to other places in the docs with more
  information wherever possible.

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