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From "Vincent de Lau" <>
Subject Issues with XML / XSLT stuff
Date Fri, 26 Jul 2002 00:33:04 GMT
Dear all,

I've been looking at the XML / XSLT stuff for manual pages. These are the
issues encountered so far:

section/related elements
  The section element relies on related, which is not in common.dtd.
  Also, in the current definition, you can have multiple related elements
  within one section.
  I propose to move the related and directivelist element to common.dtd and
  change the section element to:
  <!ELEMENT section (title, related?, (section | %blocktags;)*)>
  This would have the following results on module docs:
  - enforces title element, which was optional but could occur multiple
  - allows related element to be used
  I've discovered one page that will not conform after the changes:
  uses a section element to group an image with a caption and does not use a

message files
  Would it be usefull to have these documents conforming to a DTD?

  common.dtd calls a template for a meta element, which does not exist in
  any DTD or current XML file. Should it be removed?

  The title in the generated page is prepended with 'Apache Module'.
  Should we change this in 'Apache Manual:' or discard it?
  Changing it would require an update to all the message files.

3 (english) module pages are not conformant to the current DTD: mod_userdir,
mod_proxy and mod_echo
I haven't checked the Japenese yet.

If there is consensus about these issues, I'll send patches and new files to
the list.

Vincent de Lau

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