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Subject Antwort: New style/de.xml
Date Tue, 30 Jul 2002 15:25:35 GMT

Hi Kess,

> I had some difficulties to translate "Override".
> This means "Beeinflussung", "au├čer Kraft setzen"
> or "aufheben". But imho nothing of them will
> intuitionally be understood in the right way.
> So I took "Freigabe" instead. Does anyone has
> a better suggestion?

am I right to think you are talking about the
> <!-- Used in description box for directives -->
> <message name="syntax">Syntax</message>
> <message name="default">Voreinstellung</message>
> <message name="context">Kontext</message>
> <message name="override">Freigabe</message>
> <message name="status">Status</message>
> <message name="module">Modul</message>
that defines the syntax elements for directives?

At this point the problem seems to be that the
English term "override" is an extreme abbreviation.
IMHO it means "the required entitlement to use
this directive in a .htaccess file and thus
override a more global setting, expressed as
a value of the 'AllowOverride' directive".

I doubt that there can be an easy and short way
to translate that to German - and I think that
even in the English version this term uses a lot
of context knowledge (to save display space).

My suggestion for the English version might have
been "AllowOverride class", and in this case I
would have simply translated it to
"AllowOverride-Klasse" in German.
Maybe some notion like ".htaccess-Klasse" might
also hint into the right direction, although this
might be misleading as well (especially as the
name ".htaccess" itself may be subject to confi-

I am very unsure how to resolve this, and I can
well understand your situation.
I would suggest to use a notion that describes
the semantics, even at the price of not verbally
translating this word.
So "Freigabe" isn't a bad idea in this case, but
it doesn't point into the direction of the
"AllowOverride" directive, which the English
version surely does.
Maybe this is one of the words one should rather
not translate, like "server".

Regards, Michael

P.S. Other points:

> <!-- Used in manualpage -->
> <message name="relatedmodules">Verwendete Module</message>
> <message name="relateddirectives">Verwendete Direktiven</message>

I would translate "related" as "verwandt", not as
"verwendet" (which would be "used" in English).

> <message name="default">Voreinstellung</message>

This would work, althought I would suggest
"Standardwert" as a possible alternative.

And I am +1 for "Zusammenfassung" as translation
for "Summary".

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