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Subject Antwort: Re: Antwort: Re: cvs commit: httpd-docs-1.3/htdocs /manual/howto htaccess .html
Date Fri, 26 Jul 2002 19:52:23 GMT

Hi Rich,

> Ohh. I understand. I'm sorry, I am the XML/CSS newbie
> around here. It just looked really weird to me.

I am the XML newbie as well (or else I would jump
on the process generating HTML from XML, or migra-
te HTML docs to XML).
Therefore I would tend to migrate HTML to XHTML
with CSS classes because I am used to this method.

The difficulty is to guess which abstract elements
one wants to have (is there already a DTD for the
Apache2 "howto" directory?), not how to code them
- just like the difficulty in SQL is how to create
the right tables, not how to select data from them.

I would have considered
     <code class="directive">
as a sufficient (in my view) abstraction of the
semantics of the document structure.
But I don't think it should be too difficult to
generate a <code class="directive"> from some
<directive> ...</directive> in XML, just like the
other way round. Both are just different methods
to describe the same information.

XML allows you to specify your own tags; HTML only
allows you to specify IDs (unique identifiers) and
classes (groups of equivalent tags).
And CSS can reference IDs and classes of a HTML (or
XML!) document, and modify their representation (not
only the visual one).

>> Did you change other things than remove the CSS classes
>> from my file as well? ...
> In the last diff, there were a number of changes,
> I think. I tried to keep a particular kind of change
> per diff, but there have been a number of diffs, and
> now I'm confused.

Whatever you finally decide to commit, I would like
to get a HTML copy of it via mail (like in your
first posting), and will then not change any HTML
code during translation.

Regards, Michael

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