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Subject Antwort: [PATCH] mod_auth_digest.xml
Date Mon, 15 Jul 2002 09:32:23 GMT

Hi Thomas,

> Updated the digest supporting browsers with Mozilla and
> removed the version number from Opera and IE since the
> latest versions include digest support and have done so
> for a couple of versions.
> Haven't tried it with Netscape 6 or 7.

Mozilla implemented Digest Authentication in version 0.9.7.

Thus, no Netscape 6 version (even Netscape 6.2.x ist still
Mozilla 0.9.4.x) supports Digest Authentication, and K-Meleon
0.6 (which is Mozilla 0.9.5) doesn't support it either.

Netscape 7.0PR1 is Mozilla 1.0RC2, and Digest Authentication
works without any problem there. (Netscape 7.0 final is said
to be made from Mozilla 1.0.1.)

> Maybe the last lines should be removed since the majority
> of visitors use IE?

The problem is Netscape 6.2.x that still doesn't support it
and is the current official Netscape browser (Netscape 7.0
is still a Preview Release only).
Maybe mention Netscape 4.x and 6.x explicitly as the one
main browser familiy that would cause problems?

Regards, Michael

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