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Subject Antwort: Re: Antwort: [PATCH] German translation, unixware.html .de (new file)
Date Mon, 08 Jul 2002 14:45:26 GMT

Hi Ken,

>> a) omit the color definitions in the <body> tag, i. e. use
>>    CSS to specify them (probably in some global file being
>>    used by the whole Apache documentation),
> Why?  AFAIK, we haven't (yet) moved the entire project to CSS,

does that explicitly mean the use of CSS is forbidden as
for now?

> so submissions shouldn't be forced to use it.

Full Ack.

The file I have posted contains CSS locally (in the <head>);
this _might_ be a way to use CSS until some global decision
about using external CSS files is done.

I would neither suggest doing this right now, nor am I
unhappy if you just throw away my version. All I wanted
to show is how little was missing for XHTML 1.1 ...

> However, this requires that the project as a whole conclude
> that the time has come to make the transition, and to figure
> out how.  As yet that hasn't happened (AFAIK).

... and by the way why not open a little discussion
about using CSS in all Apache docs? If you feel that it
is not the right time to think about this, just say so.

I thought it might well be the right time, as generating
these documents from XML sources might also provide a
way to specify references to CSS definitions there;
maybe the module docs would require different CSS defs
that the article docs or whatever.
But when I look at the HTML source of Apache docs, I don't
find too much of different formatting there, thus the
CSS definitions for this shouldn't be too complicated.

Regards, Michael

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