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Subject Antwort: [PATCH] German translation, (new file)
Date Mon, 08 Jul 2002 12:13:25 GMT
Hi Sven,

> Here we are, attached the German translation for unixware.html
> Comments (e.g. mistakes while / improvements for submitting the
> diff etc.) will be highly appreciated.

if you would

a) omit the color definitions in the <body> tag, i. e. use
   CSS to specify them (probably in some global file being
   used by the whole Apache documentation),

b) replace <h1 align="center"> by some CSS definition for
   the <h1> tag, i. e. "h1{text-align:center;}"
   (again this might be used once for the complete Apache
   docs) and

c) consequently wrap all text lines into <p>...</p> tags

then the document would validate against "XHTML 1.0 Strict"
and even "XHTML 1.1".
I have made some version of this, attached to this mail;
CSS definitions are inside the <head> section.

Surely using CSS would generally make it easier to specify
some unique layout of the whole Apache documentation (in
one file, instead of speading this upon dozens), but it
would not render perfectly in pre-CSS UserAgents like
Netscape 3.0.
>From my point of view all of the Apache documentation could
well be XHTML 1.1 without too much of a problem, and the
file size would even shrink (by some one-digit pct rate).

Regards, Michael

(See attached file: unixware.htm)

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