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Subject Antwort: Re: Antwort: Vhosts docs
Date Mon, 01 Jul 2002 11:23:30 GMT

Hi Rich,

> I've read your note a few times, and I think I may still be
> missing what you're getting at here. I'm not clear what you
> are recommending actually go into this part of the docs to
> address your "first experience" with vhosts.
> It is specifically folks' first experience with vhosts that
> we want to make better. However, most of what you seem to be
> talking about is running Apache without any vhosts at all.
> What am I missing? How does this have anything to do with
> the doc that we are working on here?

I believe that people don't use features because they
are there, but because they need them.

People don't need Virtual Hosts - they need "several
web servers on one machine".
Or at least they believe they need this, unless they
are told that Virtual Hosts will supply exactly this

IMHO there is no need mentioning IP addresses or port
numbers this early.
There may be a lot of other things one can do with
Virtual Hosts, but the most important thing in my eyes
is that you can access different DNS names on one
machine via HTTP. You will need IP address knowledge
to really make it work (because one has to map the
DNS name to some IP adress), but not yet for under-
standing what Virtual Hosts are good for.

I agree that for using Apache professionally people
should have enough networking knowledge to be able to
understand about IP adresses and ports.
But since Apache is available and stable under Win32
it can (and should) serve as a development platform
for everyone's little CGI scripts before they are
uploaded to their web space. You don't need a web
server to create HTML pages but you do need one for
CGI and SSI testing.
And these users might want to have a Virtual Host to
'mirror' their online web space, and other Virtual
Hosts for other purposes (like the Apache docs, which
again will need a web server because of MultiViews
required). But they still don't need to understand
a lot about networking.

Greetings, Michael

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