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From David Shane Holden <>
Subject manual/style/build.xml
Date Sun, 28 Jul 2002 03:25:38 GMT
Here's basically a new build file for the docs.  I had to change a few
things to get it to work on win2k with the latest version of ant and
xalan-j, and before I knew it I had changed the entire file.

The two problems I had right off the bat where:

* ant error saying mapper task wasn't allowed within style task.
* ant error about the character encoding.

My solutions where:

* remove mapper completely.
     It wouldnt work with it period.
* separate the english and japanese builds into separate targets.
     At least this way I could build just the english files.

The targets I ended up with where:

     clean            Removes all HTML
     en-clean         Removes English HTML
     en-docs          Generate English HTML
     en-validate      Validate English XML
     ja.jis-clean     Removes Japanese HTML
     ja.jis-docs      Generate Japanese HTML
     ja.jis-validate  Validate Japanese XML
     validate         Validate all XML
     xslt             Generate all HTML

The clean targets were only for testing.


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