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From Chris Pepper <>
Subject SSL on Windows?
Date Thu, 20 Jun 2002 19:26:02 GMT

	I wanted to create a cert in httpd 2.0.39 under Windows 2k, 
but the docs don't seem to have been updated from UNIX-only mod_ssl. 
In particular, 
<> assumes the 
presence of an openssl binary. I'm used to doing this stuff with 
mod_ssl's or Red Hat's Makefile when available, or openssl commands 
(as described in the docs) otherwise, but Apache2 doesn't seem to 
provide either openssl or a makefile, and of course this system 
doesn't have a C compiler or make command.

	Have any of you found a way to generate CSRs for httpd 2 in 
Windows? I'd like to find a working solution, so I can use and 
document it.

	Alternatively, should I just be using "make certificate" on a 
UNIX system, then copying over the .crt & .key files and configuring 
them into httpd.conf? Has anyone tested this?


						Chris Pepper
Chris Pepper:               <>
Rockefeller University:        <>

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