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From Jeon Jeongho <>
Subject about korean translation and how to join apache doc project
Date Wed, 05 Jun 2002 07:45:22 GMT

hi! i am about to translate apache docs to korean.
then i have read a few docs, and found korean index.html
page. But,


surprisingly, i don't know a korean had pointed this problem,
it's wrong.

at first, korean index.html of apache 2.0.36 is named as
"", and this file states it's charset
is "ISO-2022-KR". but this file is written in the "EUC-KR"
(or "euc-kr") encoding. (i assume it is after japan case.
i am not sure that "iso-2022-jp" is the most popular encoding
in japan. but it is "EUC-KR" that the most popular encoding
in korea, especially on web.)

korean index.html of apache 1.3.24 is named as "",
and this file states it's charset is "eucKR". but there is no
encodings named "iso-kr" or "eucKR". use "EUC-KR" (or "euc-kr")
all instead.

at second, i found "AddLanguage kr .kr" in httpd.conf.
but korean code in iso639 is "ko". "kr" is (south) korea country code
defined in iso3166. therefore must use "AddLanguage ko .ko"
in httpd.conf, and use "index.html.ko.*" or "index.html.ko-KR.*"
instead of "*".
(for example, IE5 uses "ko", and Mozilla/netscape6 uses
"ko"/"ko-KR"/"ko-KP"(north korea))

the content negotiation doc in apache 1.3.24 refers RFC1766, and
takes "kr for Korean" as example. but RFC1766 refers RFC639. then
use "ko for Korean" instead.

i'm a little surprised that this have not corrected for long time.


how can i get doc commit access?

bye~ :-)

| Jeon, Jeong ho             |        |
|  electrical engineering,   | mahajjh (at)                |
|  seoul national univ.      |  si hoc legere scis nimium eruditiones habes :-)

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