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From Rich Bowen <>
Subject PerChild clarification
Date Sun, 02 Jun 2002 02:33:48 GMT
I'm trying to figure out PerChild, and I need a little clarification on
the AssignUserId and ChildPerUserId directives.

First, AssignUserId. Do I have to use an actual uid and gid, or can I
use a user name, group name? Also, are the docs here actually accurate?
That is, it says:

Tie a virtual host to a specific child process.

Now, does that mean that the fact of using this directive will magically
cause a vhost to be restricted to a single child process? Or is there
something more than that going on?

Second, ChildPerUserId. Is this directive confusingly named, or am I
missing the point of it. What I am understanding here is that we are
specifying a user id and a group id for a specific process, where the
child_id is a number between 1 and NumServers. Right?

In the sentence "The number of children if set by ..." should that be
"is set by?"

If that is in fact what this directive does, in what way would that be
useful? This is not in the context of a virtual host, but I'm just
saying that a particular child process will run with certain privileges?
Why would I want to do that? Can someone give an example where this is


Rich Bowen -
Author - Apache Administrator's Guide

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