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Subject Antwort: Vhosts docs
Date Fri, 28 Jun 2002 14:53:57 GMT

Hi Rich,

> "I have one IP address, and want host three web sites on my
> server. What should I do?" This is more the format in which
> people are thinking, and the example names like "Simple name-
> based vhosting" and "More complicated name-based vhosts" are
> just so much greek to them.

maybe you should even eliminate the first half of the first

I can install and run an Apache server without bothering
about DNS, IP-Adresses, ports etc.
The Apache configuration will care about the port 80 by
default; I can just install an Apache on my PC and access
it via "http://localhost/" on the same machine.
This is just what I would do if I wanted to create my local
CGI development scenario for my online web space etc.:
Very simple, very encouraging, this makes using Apache a
great experience.

Only when I want to introduce more than one DNS name for
the same machine I have to bother with all this "networking
stuff", like then having to add the VirtualHost names to my
"hosts" file (whereever this may be on my PC) and all that.

At least this was my personal first experience with Virtual
Hosts ... it wasn't fun like the rest of Apache, it became
"hardware stuff", at least in my eyes.

Regards, Michael

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