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From Erik Abele <>
Subject [PATCH] Error-Documents / German Umlauts
Date Mon, 17 Jun 2002 20:36:38 GMT
Hi !

This patch fixes some problems with the german umlauts in the error
documents. The documents were missing the correct HTML entities for the
german umlauts. Now they are all escaped correctly: ΓΌ -> &uuml; etc.

BTW I 'fixed' the indentation of the doc's. Just because of correctness :-)

While fixing the above problems I noticed the following issues:

 - all the spanish titles are in english
 - in HTTP_LENGTH_REQUIRED.html.var the spanish part is missing completely
 - in HTTP_REQUEST_TIME_OUT.html.var the french part is definitely
   incorrect -> it's the same as in HTTP_PRECONDITION_FAILED.html.var

Is it possible for you to translate the mentioned passages? Possibly I could
arrange this, I'll have to see...

Ohh, btw what's about xhtml-validity? If it's okay for you, I could convert
them to be valid xhtml-documents.


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