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From Joshua Slive <>
Subject Re: Vhosts docs
Date Sun, 16 Jun 2002 02:29:51 GMT
Rich Bowen wrote:

> OK, I can see this. That was misguided. However, it seems to me that the
> mod_rewrite portion of this doc has so little explanation that it seems
> like line noise to most beginners. The word "simple" (which, IMHO,
> should *never* be in documentation, because it makes beginners feel
> stupid, but that's a debate for another day.) definately does not apply
> to this section. Although I've looked at this part of the doc many times
> (and I'm not exactly a beginner) my eyes glaze over, and I have a very
> hard time getting through it. I think that we could do better at making
> these documents a little more beginner-friendly.

Suggestion: Remove this section from the vhost docs, and place it in the 
rewriteguide.  (There is already a mass-vhosting example in the 
rewriteguide, but I don't think it is as complete as this one.)  But be 
sure to reference the mod_rewrite solution for people who need "more 


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