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From Joshua Slive <>
Subject Re: Vhosts docs
Date Sat, 15 Jun 2002 21:11:13 GMT
Rich Bowen wrote:
> A very large percentage of the questions that we get on #apache deal
> with virtual hosts, and a large number of people say that they have
> tried to figure out what to do from the documentation, and could not
> find what they needed. 

A couple comments:

- Most people want to do simple name-virtual hosting.

- 50% of all name-virtual hosting problems that I see are solved by 
using the "*" format of NameVirtualHost/<VirtualHost>.  (People don't 
seem to know the IP address of their own server.)

- Another 10% are people who just don't have their DNS configured at all 
correctly to map requests to their webserver.  There is only so far the 
docs can go in helping with this.

- Another 10% are people who start off with only a single host, and then 
try to add a virtual host using a single <virtualhost> section, and 
can't figure out why their original host doesn't work.  This is 
explained very explicitly in name-based.html, but perhaps the 
explanation needs to be moved up higher.

I think all of your ideas are good, with the exception of removing the 
mod_rewrite mass-virtual hosting.  There are some situations which 
mod_vhost_alias can't handle, and I believe that there are still quite a 
few people doing mod_rewrite virtual hosting for that reason.  If you 
want to make that section less prominent, that is fine with me.


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