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From Joshua Slive <>
Subject Re: dtd for non-module documentation pages
Date Thu, 06 Jun 2002 03:43:56 GMT
Astrid Ke├čler wrote:
> The existing modulesynopsis.dtd is for module documentation only. It
> does not fit for other tutorial and manual pages. So I tried to modify
> the dtd to match other pages (except the main index), because we need
> such a dtd to convert the html files to xml, before we translate them
> into german. See attached my suggestion manualpage.dtd
> Please have a look at it and tell me, if I forgot something or if we
> want to go with this.

First, thanks for doing this.  It is something I planned to get to 
evenutally, but eventually might not be part of this lifetime.

Second, could you please summarize the changes that you made, and give 
us an idea of how the documentation will look in your proposed format. 
(Perhaps marking up one of the current pages with your elements.)

Third, here are a couple quick comments.  I'll try to look in more 
detail tommorow:

- Can we combine the two DTDs?  At minimum, we should put the common 
parts in a common file and pull them into each DTD.

- I really don't like the idea of a <content> tag, both because 
EVERYTHING should be content (the name is bad) and because I don't see 
why it is needed.  If an index is wanted, it should be generated 
automatically by the xslt or whatever.

- For the "related" stuff, do we want it at all?  I'm the one who 
invented the "related modules/related directives" sections, but it 
hasn't seemed to catch on with other doc writers.  Is it a good thing, 
or should they just be removed and the related material be linked inline?


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