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From Astrid Ke├čler <>
Subject Re[2]: PerChild clarification
Date Sun, 02 Jun 2002 14:36:20 GMT

> Yeah, I understand that part, but why would you want to tie this
> user/group ID to a particular child process, rather than to a virtual
> host? I understand why the AssignUserId directive is useful, it's the
> ChildPerUserId one that seems very strange to me.

> ...

> Perhaps I'll ask differently - Why would you want to use ChildPerUserId
> rathr than AssignUserId? Or are they used somehow in conjunction with one
> another? Comments in the docs indicate that more explanation is
> necessary, and I'm trying to get that additional explanation.

I havn't tested it until now, but as I understand the PerChild-MPM, you
have to use the AssignUserID and ChildPerUserid directives in

When running the PerChild-MPM, the apache uses a fixed number of child
processes. It does not create new childs automatically. Thus you have to
care for at least one child running with the userid and group you want
to use for your virtual host (if the vitual host uses its own user and

On the one hand you have to tell the apache to run child process n with
the given user and group, on the other hand you have to tie a virtual
host to this user and group. On incomming requests for this virtual host
the apache searches the child list for childs running with the matching
userid and group and assigns the request to one of these located childs.


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