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From "Ryan Bloom" <>
Subject RE: PerChild clarification
Date Sun, 02 Jun 2002 02:17:06 GMT
Fair warning:  This Module doesn't work today.  I am hoping to make it
work in the next week or so.  It will NEVER work with SSL.

> First, AssignUserId. Do I have to use an actual uid and gid, or can I
> use a user name, group name? Also, are the docs here actually

You can use either uid or username.  Same for groups.

> That is, it says:
> Tie a virtual host to a specific child process.

Yes, they are accurate.

> Now, does that mean that the fact of using this directive will
> cause a vhost to be restricted to a single child process? Or is there
> something more than that going on?
> Second, ChildPerUserId. Is this directive confusingly named, or am I
> missing the point of it. What I am understanding here is that we are
> specifying a user id and a group id for a specific process, where the
> child_id is a number between 1 and NumServers. Right?
> In the sentence "The number of children if set by ..." should that be
> "is set by?"
> If that is in fact what this directive does, in what way would that be
> useful? This is not in the context of a virtual host, but I'm just
> saying that a particular child process will run with certain
> Why would I want to do that? Can someone give an example where this is
> desirable?

The tieing is a two step process.  1)  Assign and user/group to a
specific child process.  2)  Tie a virtual host to that child process.


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