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From Lars Eilebrecht <>
Subject German documentation as a book
Date Sun, 05 May 2002 21:49:31 GMT

as you may remember, I've mentioned a few a weeks ago, that
the german publisher MITP is interested in publishing a german
translation of our documentation (Apache 2.0).

I took quite some time until they got back to me after our
last discussion.

Well, they are still interested and are offering us one of
the following options:

1. Translation is done by us; MITP does the spelling review;
   we provide the final text (in a format to be defined, e.g., XML);
   and MITP takes care of the rest (layout, printing, etc.).
   We get a certain amount of money for each sold copy of the book
   (probably as much as a normal author would get).

2. Like 1., but translation is sponsored by MITP, i.e., they are
   paying one or more individuals from the ASF for the translation;
   we still get a certain amount of money for each sold copy, but
   of course less than for option 1.

3. MITP takes care of everything; we still get some money for
   each sold copy, but just as much or even less than for option 2.
   We still get the source of the final text, but probably
   in Winword format only.

For all three options the ASF will still own the copyright of
the text, i.e., the right to publish the text will be non-exclusive.

MITP has the following requirement: They are allowed to publish
the book as the official Apache HTTP Server documentation (including
use of the feather logo).
BTW, the book will probably be a paperback with a price of about
35 EUR.

My main question is know, do we want them to publish such a book
and is their requirement acceptable?

If the answer is yes, which option should/can we use?
With options 1 and 2 the problem is, that we still need at least
one to do the translation. I'm willing to help, but currently I don't
have much time to spend of this.

BTW, MITP has done a similar book for MySQL.

Any comments, anyone?

Lars Eilebrecht               - "Netscape is not a newsreader, and       - probable never shall be." (Tom Christiansen)

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