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From Rich Bowen <>
Subject Apache History Project - Call for comments
Date Thu, 09 May 2002 04:01:44 GMT
Call for comments

Apache History Project

We are a few people that are of the opinion that saving a piece of
history is very important. That is why we have drafted this call for
comments. We want to save as much of Apache's history as possible.
Including, but not limited to, old sources, change descriptions,
and feature additions (when was a feature added to Apache).

Last year Rich Bowen tried to start the effort by writing a draft for
the Apache history, but response was sparse and discussions died out.
The draft is available from
The effort we are hoping to start would be a large extension of this

Things we'd like to see go down into writing for future Apache users
to know are, among others:
Netcraft statistics: when did Apache become the most used webserver
on the Internet? How is the curve going? What were some of the other
players (CERN, NCSA) and what became of them?
Members of the ASF: When did they join? What did they do? Profiles
of all members of the ASF with a small biography. Pictures from
ASF gatherings.

Have you got any information that could be helpful to the project?

Are you in contact with any of the folks that were involved in the early
days, including, but not limited to, the original 8 members, who are
not involved any more? Other folks like Tim Berners-Lee, Rob McCool, and
various people who were important to the existence and success of Apache.

Have you got any source distributions currently not available?

We have:

0.6.5 [ .gz broken ] from
0.8.14 [ broken ] from
1.0.0 [ .gz broken ] from
1.0.2 [ broken ] from
1.0.3 [ .gz broken ] from
1.0.4 [ .gz broken ] from
1.0.5 [ broken ] from
1.1.0 [ .gz broken ] from
1.1b1 [ .gz broken ] from
1.1b2 [ broken ] from
1.1b3 from
1.1b4 [ .gz broken ] from

We also have serveral releases of NCSA. Including 0.5.

Most importantly missing from the list is 0.6.2, which was the initial
release of Apache.

We'd like releases in between these, and especially releases before
0.6.5. Duplicates are fine too, since some of the gziped archives are
dead. We'd also like to have the NSCA sources, as far back as they are
available, against which the early patch distributions were applied.

We realize that there are many Apache projects, which have equally
interesting historical records that need to be preserved, but we need to
start somewhere, and perhaps this will give inspiration to some other
folks to work on the other Apache projects.

Initiative restarted by Rich Bowen and Thomas Eibner May 8th 2002.

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