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Subject Antwort: Summary (was German documentation as a book)
Date Mon, 13 May 2002 15:13:01 GMT

Hi Lars,

> Is there anyone else who would like to work on the translation
> and/or on a review (I'm available for a review)?
> Michael, how about you?

as I wrote before, I am not yet sure what the whole thing
would finally look like, and there would be some questions
to be answered about organization to convince me that I
would be able to supply anything of value.
I either need rules to stick to or the competence of set-
ting the rules; as I am far from being authorized for the
second one in the Apache context I have asked for the first

Basically, I am into too much things to invest a large
quantity of time into the translation of the whole Apache
And I am rather shy to commit myself to such an important
project, as I am commited to other projects (like the
mod_gzip documentation, where I am making my own rules and
which I am writing in German and translating to English at
the same time).

And then, I haven't even installed Apache 2.0 (as I won't
be able to use it without mod_gzip), nor have I read the
2.0 documentation until now.
Thus I am not sure how outdated my current Apache knowledge
is. (I would likely still understand many of the modules
but possibly be surprised about some new core directives.)

If there were a team of, say: ten active translators (and
some set of rules for translation style (so that a reviewer
could name violations against these rules as "bugs") then
I would like to be one of them. (I wouldn't want to proof-
read a document, make a hundred suggestions and then find
out that they were considered as "opinions" only.)
As suggested, I would then focus on parts I am most familiar
with (Authentication, Negotiation, Fancy Indexing, Caching,
...), and I might also review some other parts, while there
would be other parts I know nothing about (mod_rewrite,
Virtual Hosts, ...).

But even in this case I would currently step back from such
a Apache 2.0 project - it would just be too early for me.
So in the current situation, it would be a "no" from my side,
especially as the book might have some deadline in the near
But if you look for number 10 of the team, please ask me again.
I will continue to watch the project on this mailing list,
and I would always be interested in reviewing some results
(thus I asked Kess for publishing them). This might even be
a comfortable way of learning Apache 2.0 for me ...
But I am more likely to translate some modules of my choice
at a time of my choice (end of 2002?), and then possibly
even for the Apache 1.3 documentation.
(I don't consider Apache 1.3 dead, and as I would focus on
modules anyway, the result might still be usable for Apache
2.0 as well if required.)


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