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From Justin Erenkrantz <>
Subject Updated transformations...
Date Thu, 16 May 2002 06:58:18 GMT
ezmlm bounced the commit message, but I did this.  -- justin

jerenkrantz    02/05/15 23:53:49

  Modified:    docs/manual/mod core.html directives.html index.html
                        mod_access.html mod_actions.html mod_alias.html
                        mod_asis.html mod_auth.html mod_auth_anon.html
                        mod_auth_dbm.html mod_auth_digest.html
                        mod_autoindex.html mod_cache.html
                        mod_cern_meta.html mod_cgi.html mod_cgid.html
                        mod_charset_lite.html mod_dav.html mod_deflate.html
                        mod_dir.html mod_env.html mod_example.html
                        mod_expires.html mod_ext_filter.html
                        mod_file_cache.html mod_headers.html mod_imap.html
                        mod_include.html mod_info.html mod_isapi.html
                        mod_log_config.html mod_mime.html
                        mod_mime_magic.html mod_negotiation.html
                        mod_proxy.html mod_rewrite.html mod_setenvif.html
                        mod_so.html mod_speling.html mod_ssl.html
                        mod_status.html mod_suexec.html mod_suexec.ja.html
                        mod_unique_id.html mod_userdir.html
                        mod_usertrack.html mod_vhost_alias.html
                        mpm_common.html mpm_netware.html mpm_winnt.html
                        perchild.html prefork.html worker.html
  Transformations done with Xalan-J.
  (No one could reproduce the transformations that were in CVS, so regenerate
  the entire shabang.)

<transforms deleted>

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