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From Astrid Keßler <>
Subject Re[2]: german bug
Date Tue, 21 May 2002 17:31:16 GMT

> Well, the guy suggests using "Authentifizierung" as a German
> word for "authentication", but "Authentifizierung" means
> something like "Beglaubigung" in German, which is definitely wrong
> in our context. A possible translation would be "Authentisierung"
> which means something like "(gültige) Bestätigung".
> Nevertheless, I've used the anglicism "Authentikation" in my original
> translation as a more 'direct' translation of "authentication".
> "Authentikation" is also a valid translation (I'm using it in my
> German Apache book and it passed the publisher's spelling check),
> albeit "Authentisierung" maybe a more common translation.

> I'm in favour of leaving the current translation, but if people
> prefer "Authentisierung", I'll change it.

> Comments?

"Authentisierung" and "authentisieren" are the better choice, imho.
"Authentikation" is used as a German word, that's right. But it's not

very common. And I have a problem to find the correct verb for
"Authentikation". How did you translate "to authenticate"?

However, a lot of german people know neither "Authentikation" nor
"Authentisierung". :-)


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