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From "The_RadiX" <>
Subject Re: [Apache] Alias? Network Access
Date Sat, 01 Jun 2002 02:38:52 GMT
I have all my machines setup right and I am sure as h*** I could get it working on 1.3..

But something seems to have gone astray..

See why I want this is I have my actual webserver (apollo) which runs apache and so forth..
But I am on dialup so it also serves as a router..

Catch is it's only got a small HD (1.8gb) and so I can't store gig's of stuff..

My own machine on the other hand (the one I am typing this on right now) has a 40GB with heaps
of music etc..
And sometimes I want to share this with the world when I am online..

I use dns2go.. ( a cute little program that allows your dialup connections
to be forwarded from a subdomain off dns2go site of your choice.. basically it just goes to
their site and their systems see if I am on or not and have the service running: if so it
points them to my ip therefore serving them from home, otherwise it goes to my "temp" online

FYI: is the dns2go one.. When I am on you'll get a "menu" of sites
running off my server here I use for webdev and stuff..

Anyway yeah I know the network setup is all good it's jsut for some reason I can't get http://apollo/data
to point to a network (UNC) name properly it seems..

Thx again all
:  Julien Bonastre [ CEO]
:  A.K.A. The_RadiX
:  ABN: 64 235 749 494
:  QUT Student #: 04475739
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  From: The_RadiX 
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  Sent: Friday, May 31, 2002 9:25 PM
  Subject: [Apache] Alias? Network Access

  Hi all..

  I have my apache server on a seperate machine running win2k aserv and I have another machine
which is used for data storage

  thing is in apache1.3 I am sure i had setup a alias so i could just access http://servername/data
and it would give a dir listing of the networked drive..

  Setup is as follows:
  -> data storage machine has a drive called E: which contains directories and files etc..
  -> webserver I have tried to use network drives to map for eg. J: or Y: or something
to \\datastorage\e

  but it doesn't seem to work anymore...

  any ideas anybody ??

  :  Julien Bonastre [ CEO]
  :  A.K.A. The_RadiX
  :  ABN: 64 235 749 494
  :  QUT Student #: 04475739

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