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From Joshua Slive <>
Subject Re: Translated module docs in 2.0?
Date Thu, 25 Apr 2002 13:26:05 GMT
On 25 Apr 2002, Yoshiki Hayashi wrote:

> As httpd 2.0 is already released as GA, I want to populate
> docs with more Japanese translations.  However, I stumbled
> at mod directory where HTML files are automatically
> generated from XML files.  I know almost nothing about the
> softwares used there.
> There already exist en.xml and sv.xml so it looks like some
> measure was taken to add translated docs.  But guessing from
> the content of build.xml, it only handles *.xml to *.html
> conversion.  If someone can teach me how to change build
> system to add translations, I'll really appreciate it.  If
> not, I'll go through the pile of docs and eventually find
> out how to do it...

Yes, Patrik Grip-Jansson did some work making the system work for
translations, but we haven't had any real translations to test it out on.
Obviously, you need to add a jp.xml, which will have the basic
translations for the stylesheet stuff.

As far as the build system goes, we never really finished our debate on
whether we want to use or  Will says that either
way will work fine with Multiviews, but I haven't tested that.  Then we
need to get Ant to transform them properly by modifying build.xml.  I'm
not really an Ant expert, but I'm willing to help here.  The Ant
documentation (available somewhere under is
also quite good.

I suggest that you start by committing the jp.xml for the stylesheet
translations and one module doc in xml format with a name like, and then the two of us can play with build.xml and see if
we can get a good transformation setup.

Suggestions from others are also welcome.  If someone wants to setup a
replacement for Ant as the build system, I would have no problem with


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