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From andrew mejia <>
Subject Re: this xml thang. ;)
Date Tue, 16 Apr 2002 06:27:44 GMT
 --- Liew Cow Yuan - USSD-CSSG <>
wrote: > Dear All,
> I am one of the Systems Engineer that works for a
> local IT co. in Malaysia.
> I would to learn something here indepth but I have
> no knowledge of Java or
> any programming. Therefore I need guidelines of how
> and where to start. I
> have downloaded the apache from sunfreeware and
> don't know what to do next.
> I can understand what have been in the discussion
> loop but how do i go about
> reaching where u guys have been right now.
> regards
> Audrey
[andrew]$  well, correct me if i am wrong, All, but i
do not believe this is the list/forum for 
installation...  is this correct?  i made that mistake
quite a while back when asking a 'compile' related

Audrey, i would be happy to email w/you regarding
however...  you can email my private address if you


ps> what ver of Solaris?  what ver of Apache?  do you
have the package, or are you installing from source?
do you have gcc?

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