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From Dennis Heuer>
Subject httpd docs
Date Tue, 16 Apr 2002 13:43:23 GMT

I tried to get apache 2.0.35 running and seeked for the docs. They
weren't accessible via the standard info page /htdocs/index.html.en. The
right to read the pages wasn't set with chmod. Then, I tried to read the
page on configuring apache. It wasn't accessible because the pagename
ended with .en (configuring.html.en) and apache did not get this by
default. Now, I was on the project page and wanted to find documentation
there. On the page of the documentation project I found the comment: 

A PDF printable version of the documentation is available in the
distribution directory.

I clicked on the highlighted words "distribution directory" and stranded
there. Fine, but, no pdf file available. 

Please don't confuse your users with such silly things. Where is now the
pdf file?



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