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From "Brad Miller" <>
Subject RE: dtd for httpd-docs
Date Tue, 05 Mar 2002 05:18:15 GMT
I am trying to catch up with all the suggestions and comments that have been
passing through the list.
I took little snippets from several different emails and added my comments
and what I did to the DTD to try to conform.
I also attached the template. This is a very rough draft and needs more
refinement. For now this validates and can be used as a template with the
new dtd attached.

~~Or <note type="warning">?  Either way is fine with me.  You may
~~want to check the Docbook DTD to see how they do it.  One that might be
~~particularly useful in apache is <securitywarning> or something like that.

I added <securitywarning> you can place any text or formating in it. Do we
need any attributes for this?

~~The thing I like the most is that I added some basic support for
~~internationalization. One can switch language by adding <language>
~~to <directivesynopsis>. It defaults to English, but I've also added "sv"
~~so that the template be generated in Swedish.

I added <language>. I don't really have any rules for language. And I am not
really following how you are switching languages here.
Are you pulling information from another file if the stylesheet sees the
<language> tag it will find whatever xml file for that language you specify
with an attribute and include that? I guess I really don't understand how
the language conversion works.
Can someone give me a list of attributes for this if that is how it is done?
I also need to know where the language attribute will be used if anywhere
other than <directivesynopsis>.

~~<section id="hereiam"><title>lala</title>...
~~should create the appropriate <a href="#hereiam">reference</a>.
~~Yes, sections can be nested.  Main sections get <h2> and nested ones get
~~<h3> at the moment.

Do I need to specify an "id" attribute? I never was too clear on id's, some
dtd's I have seen it looks like they just assume id and others specify them.

Lastly, do we want to stick with a DTD or should we be using a schema?
I don't really have an opinion on this because I know dtd's better but
schemas are more rubust.
Converting to a schema at this point wouldn't take much effort.

Brad Miller

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