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From "Brad Miller" <>
Subject RE: dtd for httpd-docs
Date Sat, 02 Mar 2002 04:01:18 GMT

~~Sure, there are things missing (including some I added just recently), but
~~we should be able to clean that up pretty easily.  For example, the
~~<directive> and <directivesynopsis> tags take the attribute "type".  See
~~core.xml for an example.


~~A couple basic questions to consider:

~~1. How strict do we want to be?  For example, in your dtd, we do not allow
~~<note>This is a note</note>.  Instead, it must be <note><p>This
is a
~~note</p></note>.  The former is probably "more correct", but do we want to
~~enforce it?  I'm not really sure about the answer to this.

I agree with this and have made it so text can be added without any tags.

~~2. I think we need to have some concept of block vs inline element.
~~Certain tags (for example, <description>, <compatibility>) could probably
~~take any inline element (<em>, <strong>, <a>, <directive>, etc).
~~tags (for example, <note>, <example>, <usage>) can take any block element
~~(<p>, <example>, <table>, etc).  I believe that there is a way to define
~~sets of elements like this in a DTD, and this would make the DTD both
~~cleaner and more flexible.

I have done attribute groups but not element groups. I'm looking into this

~~3. We'll need to provide some instructions on how to use this.  In
~~general, I think the majority of people here are using emacs, so
~~instructions for that platform would be good.  If nobody else can figure
~~it out, I will spend some time on it.  We will also need to reference the
~~DTD in the xml files, I guess.

I can't help with emacs but I am working on a sample XML file that has
comments and
uses all situations for examples. I'll forward it to the list as soon as I
get a
little more done on it.

Brad Miller

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