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From "Joshua Slive" <>
Subject RE: Swedish xml translation
Date Wed, 06 Mar 2002 20:27:23 GMT

> From: Patrik Grip-Jansson []

> >  Accessing through the filesystem is another story.
> ...that's what I meant (and hence the example with a file://
> URL). I guess
> I didn't express myself clearly.

OK.  So there are a few ways to handle this:

1. Configure the browsers to associate the language tag with xml.  This has
some obvious disadvanatages, like both .xml.en and .html.en would be
interpreted as xml.

2. Change the way we do language negotations.  ie., use type maps or change
all the links to point to the base name without .html or .en.

3. Have some funky build process tranlate .en.xml to .html.en while doing
the XSLT.  The build process I'm using at the moment is simply:

for file in `ls ../mod/*.xml | sed "s|../mod/||g" | sed "s/.xml//g"`
  echo $file
  ${JAVA_HOME}/bin/java -classpath "$CLASSPATH"
org.apache.xalan.xslt.Process \
         -IN ../mod/$file.xml -XSL manual.xsl -OUT ../mod/$file.html

But this will get more complicated in the future as we add more directories,
etc.  I had hoped to use Ant, which has some very fancy automation features,
but as I've said, it is crashing on me at the moment.

Unless you feel like leading the charge on 2 or 3, I suggest that you stick
with 1 for now so that you can get on with your translations.


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