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From "Joshua Slive" <>
Subject RE: Fixed XML docs
Date Mon, 11 Mar 2002 13:34:16 GMT

> From: Patrik Grip-Jansson []

> I've tried to update all XML docs that didn't validate against the DTD. I
> had to add some stuff to the DTD, mostly I've tried to avoid this though.
> There are two docs that doesn't validate: mod_rewrite.xml and
> mod_ssl.xml.
> I'll try to get them into working order as well, but they're quite large
> and the number DTD warnings is huge.

I know.  I've deliberately avoided those two, because they have much more
complex markup than anything else in the docs; in particular, they have
complicated tables.  I don't want to greatly expand the DTD just for these
two docs.  I'd prefer to just leave them as "invalid".

If there are things from those docs that seem generally useful, then we can
add them to the DTD.  But I don't want to add garbage to the DTD, and I
don't want to make those docs less readable just for the sake of validating

We still need to look at adding some table options to the DTD.  For example,
having a table style that automatically colors every other line and
top-aligns the rows might help.


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