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Subject negotiation and order of filename extensions
Date Thu, 07 Mar 2002 10:39:27 GMT

Hi Joshua,

>> As you notice I've named the file, putting the
>> before file type. Has anyone got a better idea for naming translated xml
>> versions?
> I think it should be  I know this is a pain for
> "The last extension is the filetype" users.  But the transformed html
> look like in order for multiviews to work, so it makes
> sense to parallel that in the xml.

The negotiation documentation (

and the mod_mime documentation (

both say that "Files can have more than one extension, and the order of the

extensions is normally irrelevant."

The negotiation docs even describe lots of alternative syntaxes for the

file name; and the Multiviews description doesn't seem to tell me there are

any restrictions to that. MultiViews are just "faking type maps".

Therefore, I would think the problem must rather be that inside the Apache

docs all hyperlinks explicitly use the ".html" extension.

And if so, then only additional extensions _after_ this strings can still

negotiable, thus the language extension in this case must be the last one.

If I have understood this correctly, then I would say (the xml files and)

generated html files might have _any_ order of extensions _if_ the

to them do _not_ contain any extension at all. (Which would require doing

"search and replace" though the complete Apache docs.)

I don't know whether this could be worth the effort - I just think it might

this way, although in this case the hyperlinks might look a bit awkward to

And you never really know how M$IE will interpret URIs without extensions,

matter which correct MIME type Apache will send to it ...

Regards, Michael

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