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From Joshua Slive <>
Subject xml module docs (it happened)
Date Thu, 14 Feb 2002 01:37:17 GMT
I just committed the first go at an xml transformation system for the
module docs.  I should have mentioned in the commit message that I didn't
invent all this myself.  The inspiration and much of the code comes from
jakarta-site2, and mainly Jon Stevens and Craig McClanahan.

The documentation for the new system is at

Note that, although we do need a full-blown xml transformation system to
create the html docs for final distribution, you don't need one just to
view or work on the docs.  For example, view
in any recent browser, and you should see the transformed xml with
stylesheet applied.

So, now I could use some help.  In particular, each of the module docs
needs to be converted to the new format.  This shouldn't be too difficult,
because Rich and others have already done the work of making all the docs
xhtml.  All you need to do is grab mod_something.html, and using
mod_setenvif.xml as an example, plus the docs referenced above, change
it into the new format.  This is a great job for anyone out there looking
for something to do.  You don't need commit access; just post to the
mailing list telling us what you're working on.

Also, feel free to hack on the manual.xsl and other build files.  What I
did certainly qualifies as a hack job.  The XSL stuff might look
intimidating, but it only takes a little time to figure out what is going
on.  (And a google search for "xsl reference" or "xsl tutorial" will find
plenty of good stuff.)

Joshua.  (Always the optimist.)

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