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From "Brad Miller" <>
Subject dtd for httpd-docs
Date Wed, 27 Feb 2002 02:43:11 GMT
Here is the low down on the DTD.
I was able to add most of the XHTML tags that were listed on the page.
There were a few I left out because I didn't see them being used. If we need
to add them later I can do that.
Also the one tag that I left out of the XML tag list was the "section" tag.
I did not see that being used anywhere either. Point me to an example if it
is being used and I will get that fixed.

The rules are pretty basic and if you are using an editor that validates on
the fly, the required tags should fill themselves in when you add the root.
Some editors may not do this so I am making a template XML file that has all
the tags and a description of the rules for each of those tags. Hopefully I
can have this finished tonight. I should probably write a document on the
rules kinda like a w3c doc, but that could take some time and I don't know
how necessary that is. And I am sure we will have some tweaking to do so
that can probably wait.

There are only 2 tags that allow you to add anything. The first is <p> we
can refine it if needed but it looked like just about anything can be placed
inside it. The other is <td>. Although I did not see tables being used in
any of the files I used for samples I am sure this will need to be pretty

I added 3 attributes to <td> "rowspan", "colspan", and "class". I wasn't
sure about the class attribute and we can remove it or add it to other tags
if needed.
<a> has the attribute "href".
<directive> has the attribute "module".
Am I missing anything here?

Changes needed to existing XML files will be nothing more than a little
reorganization of tags. The DTD requires a sequence for certain tags and
that sequence is not being followed through out all of the files. I used
mod_setenvif.xml as the default template and then compared tags and
sequences with 5 other files.

I checked the DTD against several files and with minor changes to the
sequence they validate. Let me know if anyone has any problems with this or
needs something changed.

I should have the template file up later tonight.

Brad Miller

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